Dale, 2011/03/27

27 Mar 2011

Here is where you meet Dale Cotton, the vain, grizzled, and grouchy oaf who is the creator and maintainer of this site. Well past my prime, I make my living as a programmer for the City of Toronto. My sole excuse for inflicting my eccentric ideas upon the world is over 50 years experience in the arts.

Bio: As an infant I was so ugly my own mother tried to drown me in the bathwater. I was so obnoxious my own father tried to throttle me with the power cord of the toaster. Left for dead in a grocery bag put out with the garbage, I managed to crawl away to hide under a rock among the slugs and scorpions. I'm here to tell about it only because Hoori, son of Osiris, took pity, whisked me off to a monastery situated on a rocky pinnacle, then instructed the gruff, silent, black-robed acolytes of his secret order to raise me into the ritual practices thereof. They had pity for me, knowing anyone touched by a god is thereafter afflicted with some form of madness, and so treated me kindly. – An austere and a lonely life but it does have its satisfactions.


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