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Site info 3 Feb '16: My tech guru has just moved this site to a new host. Thanks, Jon! Should function exactly as before, but it's now essentially cost-free for me to keep it online. This makes sense since this is a non-commercial, public-service site.

In other news I've recently noticed some significant examples of other photographers making use of concepts I've introduced on this site. This could motivate me to resume adding new content at more than the current glacial pace. Time will tell...

Site info 02 Feb '16: OK. A new year, a new posting: Cotton's Guide to Camera Shopping, 2016.

Site info 12 May '14: OK. Moving right along. Here's a tutorial, A Simple Guide to the DxOMark Numbers, that should be useful for anyone shopping for a new camera.

Site info 30 Sep '13: And here's another tutorial but for owners of any camera with both raw and JPEG capability: Raw to the Rescue. This explains why to shoot both, how not to chew up hard disk space in the process, and how to use raw to rescue pictures gone wrong.