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This is a non-commerical, cookie-free, public service web site.

Go to portfolio 28 June '21: Lots of additions and updates to the headphone material in the Music section below. (Now finished: 15 Aug '21.)

Go to portfolio 14 July '20: Added a headphone review (beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO) to the Music section below. Two more headphone reviews to follow in the goodness of time...

Go to portfolio 10 Jun '20: Added a new tutorial to the Off-topic section below called Dale's Sudoku De-Frustrater, the Sequel.

Go to portfolio 14 Feb '20: Finally getting around to updating this site.

Added 9 new portfolios of my work on the Pictures tab in place of the previous Samplers. These 143 pictures constitute everything that shows reasonably well on the Internet. The world can remember me by these when I'm done and gone (grin).

Added 5 new Headphone Essentials documents (currently in beta) in the obscure little Music section below. Got sucked into the headphone enthusiast microcosm a few years ago while researching a replacement headphone purchase. I'm attempting to put in one place all the background information I needed but couldn't find back then.

Added a new tutorial to the Off-topic section below called Dale's Sudoku De-Frustrater.

Site info 3 Feb '16: My tech guru has just moved this site to a new host. Thanks, Jon! Should function exactly as before, but it's now essentially cost-free for me to keep it online. This makes sense since this is a non-commercial, public-service site.

In other news I've recently noticed some significant examples of other photographers making use of concepts I've introduced on this site. This could motivate me to resume adding new content at more than the current glacial pace. Time will tell...